There are times when the hero is being bullied by villains. Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among heroes that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both heroes and villains who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems. Not all bullies are heroes and villains because they often considered neutral antagonistic.

Reasons why a character is bullied mainly due to either:

  • Being Different.
  • Having relatives whom having a bad reputation.
  • Being too much nerdy in behavior.
  • Had to live among the arrogant people or other kind of bullies.
  • Prejudice that pinned her community and other whom bullied her against each other.
  • Having a bad reputation towards other people

The only thing to prevent one from being bullied was by do something that would made oneself gained respect, even from the bullies themselves, though this not entirely apply for certain bullies.

  • The hero or heroine is having fun, but then their fun takes a turn for the worst when the said bully showed up for revenge.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare scenario where the hero/heroine's tormentor's effort to get the revenge made him/her instigate shocking event that made the hero/heroine must stop him/her in one way or another.


Live-action movies

  • Rosemary Hope was bullied by the popular kids in school for liking "Retro junk" like old cartoons.


  • Disney/Pixar
    • Cresil was bullied by other dragons and their friends for not being able to breathe fire,
    • Inaba Yumi was bullied by her Aunt and others in her village for being tall and claiming to see yokai, which made them think she was crazy.
    • Gioia was bullied by her triplet sister Bambina on a regular basis. Bambina bullied her too far when she has her and their brother Tomasso secretly sent out of the kingdom so she could rule the kingdom all herself. She was also bullied the kingdom's noblemen for not fitting the "requirements of a good princess".
    • As a child in the South, Neci Eason was bullied by Marion Grant and her group of rich children.
    • Brandi Cisneros was bullied kids in her neighborhood in Chicago. Even after her family moves to ToonTown, she is still tormented by bullies and popular kids (mainly Thuraya and her gang) for different reasons (such as racism, her love of music, being a human, the colors she wears, etc)
    • Even before Brandi moved in and became his best friend, Paws Crumpster was bullied by other kids for his weight and grumpiness.
    • Marsha Stone was bullied in school for being a smart and beautiful girl.
    • Osita the Omega was bullied ruthlessly and cruelly by the teenagers of her pack for being an Omega wolf.
    • Snowy the Tiger was bullied practically his whole life for being a white tiger without stripes.
  • During her childhood, Sylvia Kilbee was bullied by classmates and adults alike for her mixed heritage.

Video Games

  • Dace Mona Corpysis was bullied pratically her whole life for believing that wolves "can be good".


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