For everyone, even the heroes, it’s not easy to being different due to them not blend in completely with the status quo or society where they live in due to their unusual traits and reputations. The said differences would've prompt those who knew them for the first time to feel disturbed so much that they were jeered, bullied, or mocked at like outcasts, but sometimes heroes and heroines don't mind for being different at the end after they realize that being different isn't a bad thing. Here's why they're different aka outcast:

  • Because of their powers.
  • Being a redeemed villain whom still attempt to proved that they have returned to the good side but is yet to be acknowledged due to their villainous reputations.
  • Because of their family's unusual traits/reputations.
  • Having given strange moniker/name since childhood and/or adulthood.
  • Get bullied by villains or random people who misjudged them before they know them.

It does take some effort for the hero to be acknowledged by everyone through various heroic acts and other kinds of good deeds, but in doing so, he/she must be careful as there's a chance that his/her actions inadvertly resulting him/her making an enemy out of someone as:

  • The hero's difference with other people in his/her community would potentially making them a threat for villains, be the said difference turned out give him/her advantage against the villains whom threatened his/her community, possesses the only power that can destroy the villain, etc.
  • Among those whom mistreated the hero, some of the hero's tormentors would found that the hero's effort in gain the respect from others is unacceptable that made the said tormentors ultimately become evil him/herself and inevitably wind up become the hero's worst archnemesis. Reasons why the hero's tormentor become the his/her archnemesis that way includes:
    • Jealousy over the hero's determination.
    • Being a racist whom deemed the hero or those whom similar with him/her as the blight.
    • Found that the hero came from group/race that wronged him/her in the past


  • Lucille Janson was different because of her weight and her interest in Filipino culture despite not being of the ethnicity herself. It was forming Golden Crescent and becoming friends with both the non-human and human members that helps her finally accept herself.


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