There are times in a story where the hero or heroine (usually a kid or teenage hero) can express his or her playful side. This is basically the positive alternative to having a breakdown. The hero, or someone the hero loves, can do something playful to another, usually to let out his stress, cheer someone up, ensure they feel comfortable, flirt with a love interest, simply do it for fun, or give someone encouragement and propel him on his journey. This can also be used to help cope with stressful, overwhelming, or in some instances, traumatic events. Even a very serious hero or anti-hero, in some cases, can be playful with another person.


  • Max Goof plays with Brandi by howling in her face before she could call him a "Hound Dog"
  • Humilitas is very playful around his friends both wolves and other specie, including affectionate lick-kissing and playing "eat you" jokes on his non-wolf friends.
    • Caritas, Benevolentia, Fortitudo, Patientia, Temperantia, Industria, and Castitas have does similar ways of being playful themselves.
  • The WereBears play a trick on Nisa, making her think they fully transformed to their WereBear states again.
  • Hachiko Ryosuke has played with his teenage son Naoko every once in a while, usaully acting like he is in his villainous state, only to lick him affectionately instead.
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