Wolves are often portrayed as villains, but there are some wolves who are heroes and heroines.

Benevolent wolves serve as a common theme in the historical fiction, fantasy, and family genres.

They can be courageous, protective, empathetic, and even willing to fight for the human race. Other wolves can be brave and sympathetic leaders, like Benevolent Lions.


  • Humilitas, Caritas, Benevolentia, Fortitudo, Temperantia, Patientia, Industra, Castitas, Veritas, Muraco, Caressa, Silos, Chesmu Notin, Mint (Good Wolf)
  • Ilo the Iota, Montez the Mu, & Osita the Omega (Ilo the Iota's Adventures)
  • Darrie Winterson (Arctic Beach)
  • Larry and Gary (Zootopia franchise)


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