n this event, he/she must tell, discover, and listen to their evedential confession and the truth to the hero for all the troubles caused by villains.

Not to be confused with Secrets from the Enemy or Exposing Evil Plans and Evidence, though they all have similar effects.


  • Humilitas and Caritas together confess to Dace that Humilitas was the young wolf pup who she rescued as a child, giving her an "overdue thank you" for the heroic deed.
  • Kama confesses to Caritas that she was the one who save him as child when he got severely burned after he got caught in the middle of a fight between the Blue Phoenix and Great Phoenix Tribes.
  • Donita confesses to the Howlers that she is in fact the daugther of Muraco, from her late mother whom he saved from dying after she was group raped, making her the wolf brothers' half-cousin.
  • Noreny confeses to Dace, Lyrica, Ciar, and the wolves that he is the son of the third little pig from the fairy tale, and that he is only harsh on the wolves because he does not want to lose anyone to a wolf like how his father lost his two brothers (Noreny's late uncles).
  • Brandi Cisneros confesses to her family and friends on Mickey is teaching her magic as his apprentice.
  •  In the tv series, Hachiko, Bakeneko, and Arikura confess to the Araiansu Shinobi and Honoka that when Yumi defeated them in the movie, Motoko's amulets broke half and they regained their free will, meaning they are no longer Motoko's generals and are only pretending to still be evil to keep her away from their loved ones (Hachiko's son, Bakeneko's fiancee, and Arikura's sister).


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