When a bully, (usually the typical schoolyard bully, mean girls, etc.) torments the hero/heroine or someone he/she loves, someone has to take a stand. This usually happens for these reasons:

  • To protect a loved one/friend
  • To defend oneself
  • To win a lady's heart

Ignoring a bully's taunts is a typical way to overcome them, but more often than not, the most common way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him.


  • Disney/Pixar
    • After a disheartened Cresil leaves her, a sad Emilia Rojas uses a fire to communicate with the Cryptic Circle, scolding the Dragon Inhabitants for bullying Cresil his whole life.
    • Salome Gutiérrez stands up for herself againest Fern and Dansby Peterson then finally quits her job.
    • Brandi, Paws, and Max have dealt with their main bullies many times.
  • Mona Forrester stands up againest the popular kids for bullying Rosemary, followed by the Road Rovers and the Tiny Toons Ghosts scaring them away.


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