Sometimes, the main antagonist redeem themselves after seeing the goodness of the heroes and heroines or realize that being evil is a bad thing after betrayal, etc. (that depends on them). It is similar to redeemed or misunderstood heroes.

NOTE: Never add Villains who are Pure Evil to this page, as they are absolutely irredeemable. Here is why we should turn the enemies by becoming friends:

  • By showing them that being evil is a very bad thing and they should redeem themselves someday.
  • When the main antagonist sometimes hang out with the main protagonist, they realize that they're getting soft and don't know what to do.
  • Sometimes, the main antagonist realize that heroes were right about them by telling them that they have some goodness inside them which they didn't know all along since they have been enemies for years.
  • Sometimes, the enemy can be a friend of the hero, placed under a curse which is turning them evil, and the hero manages to break the curse, restoring their friendship.
  • The enemy's pawn ends up killing the main antagonist, officially redeeming himself (ex. Iago kicking Jafar's lamp into molten lava, destroying him once and for all).

A version of Negativity turned Positivity and Hero's Redemption.


Video Games

  • Quite a few of the Good-Hearted Howlers' enemies start off as villainous gangsters and adversaries to the wolf pack/street gang before they redeemed themselves and joined their team
    • Shamira was a dangerous low-rank member of the Raven Shadows and one of the earliest principle enemies of the Howlers, but she started to fall for Ciar (and vice versa) in the second game and finally chose to go againest her gang and sacrificed herself near the end of the third game. She was later revived by Ciar's mermaid wish in the end of the fifth game, becoming a full member of the Howlers.

Animated TV Series

  • Serafina Fernadez was initially a enemy to the Fiend Team as a member of Cloud 17. But she eventually saw the error of her ways and turned on Madama Bizarre, becoming a member of the Fiend Team. She also became a love interest to Crocko.

Animated Movies


Live-Action Movies

Live-Action TV Series


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