This event occurs when a hero gets mad, usually when his friend is tortured or killed by the villain. A perfect example is Goku: he becomes a Super Saiyan because of anger due to Krillin's death, caused by Frieza. There are more several reasons that an hero can get mad.

This case can be compared with Heroic Breakdown, but they mainly regain their composure in more faster rate due to the said composure were tested by the following reasons:

  • Fed up of being the servant of a villain
  • Being angry with themselves, for not saving a friend (either originally wanted to but failed or otherwise).
  • Throwing tantrum or reaching a breaking point.

Also comparable to Releasing Stress.


  • Patientia: snaps and rages when she learns that Cathmor helped his brother Proinsias with resourcing all the Howlers' enemy gangs with the Beast magic. This mixes with Heroic Heartbreak as she believes he used their romance to gain the Howlers' trust, unaware that he was practically forced by his brother.


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