It's only for two different species like they can be humanoid Aliens, a Vampire and a human, two Funny Animals, or Beast and Beauty couple. The type of species can diverge greatly, so long as they are different. So never judge the look and all. That's why they called love or Being in Love like Beauty is Found Within



  • Estrela, an alicorn (winged unicorn), has crush on Cresil, a dragon. They become an offical couple in the TV show
  • Haruna Rosebud, a human witch, formed a relationship with Bakeneko, a cat yokai. Bakeneko even proposed to her. They would finally marry after Bakeneko was finally freed from Motoko.

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Video Games

Good Wolf

  • Humilitas, a wolf, and Dace, a human mage, formed a friendship in the first which grew to romance by the third and fourth game. 
  • Caritas, a wolf, and Kama, a human from the Blue Phoenix Tribe, also grew a similar friendship in the second game and grew to romance midway in the third game. In the fourth game, they became the first couple in the series to get married
  • Nilofar, a unicorn, and Bevolentia, a wolf, formed their friendship-turned-romance in the second game and got together in the fifth game
  • Huntley, a dragon, and Temperantia, a wolf, started their relationship when they met in the second game, they however briefly broke up in the sixth game after Huntley started being with a rude female dragon named Horada while she was trapped in Indicolita, before they recoiled near the end, making a permeant official couple.
  • Cathmor, a human hunter learning magic, and Patientia, a wolf, formed their friendship in the second game and started fall for one another in the fourth game. They would get together in seventh game.
  • Rainer, a minotaur, and Industria, a wolf, formed a rocky relationship in the second game, it would soften to a friendship in between the third and fourth game and became a couple in the seventh game.
  • Castitas, a wolf, and Naja, a human sorceress, became friends when they first meet in the second game before they fell for each other in the fourth game and became together in the fifth.
  • Ciar, an old english sheepdog, and Shamira, a human mage. Their relationship helped Shamira sees the error of her ways and prompted her to change sides. 




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