A positive alternative to a villain, antagonist, or neutral being Not Always Nice, a hero or heroine can prove he or she is Not All Bad. This means that the hero. heroine, an anti-hero, or some other good guy character can prove there is more to him or her than meets the eye. In other words, this type of hero is a book that should not be judged by its cover. For instance, a spoiled rich girl can prove herself a compassionate friend or a scary monster can have a heart of gold who has been misunderstood. All antagonists are often considered neutral characters as well sometimes villains, and also some neutrals are antagonists, protagonists, or characters in the story. Some antagonists are considered bad which is only for villains or bullies, and also some villains or bullies are protagonists.




  • Hachiko: In the movie, he starts as a loyal minion to Motoko, but after half his amulet power is broke in the sequel series, he reveals his true colors as a loving, affectionate (though if not a bit doting), stern, and protective father determined to protect his son Naoko and the rest of their family from Motoko's reign.
  • Bakeneko: Started off in the movie as a loyal and dimwitted servant of Motoko, but revealed in the show to be loyal and faithful as well as romantically involved with his fiancee Haruna.
  • Arikura: She is shown in the movie as loyal minion of Motoko, but is revealed in the tv series to be a protective and loving older sister and grand aunt to her family.



  • Haruna Rosebud: In the past, she was vain, spoiled, and practically uncaring about others. However, her romance with Bakeneko prompted her to open up to others as well as her grandmother's duty of balance humans and yokai alike and became a more sweet and warm-hearted woman.

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  • Industria: At first was a ruthless lone wolf who refused to cooperate with the Good-Hearted Howlers non-wolf gang members. But she eventually warmed up to both the gang and her new pack and began to follow their merciful principles.



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