During the story, the heroes finally know the true meaning of family, love and friendship. This can also happen after the Obstacles and Arguments, and would head next to [[[The Noble Choice]].

They come to realize on

  • Understanding another's advice.
  • Realizing how selfish they have been.
  • Realizing that a friend/mentor/love interest or anti-hero is evil.
  • Realizing that the main heroine does love the main protagonist.
  • Realizing why other heroes protect them.
  • Realizing what he/she missed.
  • Realizing that the main antagonist lied to them and using them by making the people of the city hate them so much than before. Sometimes, the heroes overheard the conversation and realizing that they were betrayed or planing to kill them.
  • Realizing that the main antagonist made things "too easy" for them.
  • Realizing that the main antagonist killed their family a long time ago by making the main protagonist angry and avenge their family's death.


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